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Without adequate measures in place your business might be vulnerable to a security attack. Security attacks, also referred to as cyber attacks, are designed to gain unauthorised access to your IT network (hacking) for malicious purposes.

Security attacks come in a variety for forms and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Every organisation is a potential victim and those that openly demonstrate weakness in their approach to cyber security make themselves even more vulnerable.

Cyber attacks are most commonly un-targeted in which attackers take advantage of the openness of the Internet to indiscriminately target as many users as possible.

Targeted security attacks are aimed at specific organisations. They are generally more damaging because they have been specifically tailored. An attacker may spend several months planning the attack.

Most often security attacks are enabled by vulnerabilities in operating systems that can be easily exploited or by the introduction of some form of malware. Malware is malicious software, a form of computer code that has a malicious intent. It is normally unwittingly installed via an email attachment or via a website download. Malware can be used to steal data or destroy operating systems and can have devastating consequences.

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