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Your cyber security is only as strong as your weakest link. Employee error is the most common reason for a data breach at companies.

Your employees can be your front line of defence against cyber attack but on the flipside they can also unwittingly be the cause. Whilst cyber attacks are aimed at your technology it is often human error that allows them to get through. Security attacks such as phishing and ransomware now look so authentic that employees are easily hoodwinked into unwittingly downloading malware.

If you enable staff to access the internet in order to carry out their day-to-day work educating them about security threats has to be a major priority in your defence against cyber crime.

Employee education is just one part of the equation. Training should be supported by effective staff policies that demonstrate employee responsibilities and outline what is acceptable with regards to the use of email and the Internet. It is also helpful to have a designated contact for staff to go to if they have any queries or concerns regarding any aspect of IT security.

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