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Security Awareness Training

Employees are often the first target for many forms of cyber attack. Employee education and training allows staff to be alert to potential threats and prevent them inadvertently introduce them into your business.

Security awareness training for employees is one of the most effective means of reducing the potential for a cyber attack.

A regular programme of security awareness training is recommended. Initial awareness training to explain how employees can help keep the organisation safe should be regularly followed up with updates on the latest threats

The most effective form of training uses simulated attacks to see who is prone to falling prey to an attack. These employees then receive remedial training with regular simulated attacks to all employees used to monitor and identify weaknesses.

Employee education and training can have a twofold benefit. As well as helping to secure the employer’s systems it show employees how to better secure their own personal computers and data. Employees are more likely to take training to heart when they can identify with the training by understanding how it can help them protect their own most important home data.