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Staff Policies

All businesses that use IT or online services, regardless of their size and or industry, should have a cyber security policy. Nearly all of cyber security incidents are caused by human error so it is necessary to have an employee cyber security policy that states the do’s and dont’s.

What your cyber security policy needs to cover

Your cyber security policy need not be very long as long as it clarifies the essential points. It should include:

The importance of cyber security and what the potential risks are.

  • How to detect cyber attacks and scams.
  • Password management systems.
  • Who is responsible for enforcing cyber security (including user responsibilities).
  • How to report security incidents.

Staff policies

It is also a good idea to document expected staff practices as separate policies, for example:

  • Remote working practices.
  • Business use of personal devices.
  • Private use of company equipment.
  • Use of social media.

Remember that establishing and documenting your cyber security policy is just the first step in keeping your business secure. Once the policy has been created, you’ll need to deploy it, maintain it, train users and make them accountable.