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Why is Phishing so Successful?

Phishing scams, email messages and websites designed to look like they come from reputable organisations in an attempt to steal money, have been around for decades. You’d assume that by now people would be wise to them yet they continue to succeed.

Why are businesses still falling for phishing scams?

  • Cyber criminals are becoming even better at creating authentic looking emails, which make their targets more likely to click on the links and attachments contained within them. It’s harder for prospective victims to determine what’s genuine and what’s not.
  • Users are sharing an increasing amount of personal information through social media. This makes it easy for cyber criminals to create personalised and more believable email messages.
  • Some businesses rely on anti-phishing solutions, which are not supported with a sufficiently robust database of real-time messaging intelligence. Without knowledge of the latest phishing techniques some attacks can slip through the net.