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Adopting a strategic approach to cyber security will allow you to consider the security threats and take appropriate action to mitigate against them. This will help keep your business secure.

Ignoring the threat and assuming your business will not be attacked is a risky strategy. Every business, regardless of size or industry, is a target for cyber crime.

A cyber security plan should begin with a comprehensive assessment of your risks and vulnerabilities. Once you have identified your weaknesses you can plan what action you need to take to counteract them and begin to implement appropriate measures.

Your senior management team must own the plan and each person needs to understand their role within it. Training your staff on cyber security is essential. Your staff can either be your first line of defence against cyber crime or the unwitting instigators.

Given the rapid evolution of cyber crime it is essential to regularly monitor threats and assess your cyber security plan.

To help you create an effective cyber security plan we’ve detailed each element you need to consider. To find out more please visit the sub-pages within this section.