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Ownership of Security

The Internet has revolutionised the way we live and work. It has powered economic growth, increased collaboration and innovation, and created jobs.

Yet opportunity also brings threat. Cyber criminals readily exploit our use of the internet to manipulate and disrupt business. Businesses that aren’t cyber prepared leave themselves vulnerable to cyber criminals who have the potential to destroy their business.

Too many businesses view cyber security solely as an IT issue and neglect to consider it as a strategic risk management issue. Cyber security needs to be a higher priority within the business and not left as the responsibility if the IT department.

Business Continuity Plan

Ownership of cyber security must rest with the senior management team – the Board, Directors and senior business managers. Only when cyber security is treated as a key risk factor, which is prepared for and managed across the business, can a business be adequately prepared.

Building cyber security into your business continuity plan will help prevent, protect and detect potential risks and enable effective emergency response and crisis management. Business continuity is critical for dealing with the impact of an attack, and subsequent recovery.