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Why is Data Security Important?

The information and data within your business is a valuable business asset. It can be the key to growth and success.

The security of your data, therefore, must be a priority within your business. It needs to be protected from unauthorised access to prevent it being tampered with, destroyed or disclosed to others.

Your security can be breached in a number of ways, for example by system failure, theft, inappropriate usage, unauthorised access or computer viruses. Every time you engage in anything that involves the Internet your data security is being put at risk.

Modern day working practices such as remote working, portable IT devices and Wi-Fi all increase the threat to data security. Even if you work alone from a single desk-based device you are still at risk.

The effects of a data security breach can be catastrophic. Not just in terms of the interruption to your business operation but also the potential long-term damage to your reputation. You may have spent several years building your brand and reputation for it to be destroyed in just a few hours.

There are many ways to ensure data security – from education of your staff through to software and hardware solutions. No single stand-alone method will offer a complete data security solution so it is important to understand where your vulnerabilities are and protect yourself accordingly.