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If your business has been the victim of a cyber security attack your priority will be recovering your data and resuming normal business operation as soon as possible.

The speed of recovery will depend on the severity of the attack and the effectiveness of your data backup solution. If you’ve put adequate measures in place you could be up and running within just a few hours. If you’ve no backup in place you may be facing the worst-case scenario of no recovery, which will likely have a catastrophic impact on your business.

As soon as you become aware that your systems have been compromised in some way you need to activate your business continuity plan and bring in expert help. The sooner you involve an expert the better your chances of recovering your data and systems.

Depending on the nature of the security breach you may need to immediately inform the relevant authorities. You’ll also need to consider which, if any, of your customers and suppliers need to be made aware.

It is advisable to log the incident with Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre. Only by knowing the true extent and nature of the attacks can we become better at defending against cyber crime.

Your recovery process needs to include a thorough investigation of the incident in order to prevent a similar attack occurring again.

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