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Recovery Steps Summary

Being the victim of a cyber attack is unpleasant and pressurised but it’s important to remain objective and calm throughout the process of recovering your business.  The following 11 steps summarise the main points to pursue when you’ve been subjected to an attack:

  1. Implement your cyber security business plan.
  2. Contact your IT department or a local IT managed services provider if you don’t have appropriate IT support.
  3. Notify the police – this may be dependent on the type of breach you have but it’s recommended that they be contacted.
  4. Identify how you’ve been attacked and to what extent.
  5. Consider the business impact of the attack.
  6. Contain the attack while continuing to analyse.
  7. Investigate the location and source of the attack.
  8. Eradicate the incident to eliminate the underlying exploits.
  9. Recover your systems and data.
  10. Manage the communication to employees, customers, suppliers and regulatory bodies.
  11. Investigate and learn from the attack to improve your ongoing security.

Detail for each of the above points can be found in the Plan section of this website.