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Blocking a potential security attack at source is often the best form of defence against cyber threats.

There are a wide range of IT security software/hardware solutions that have been developed to block and prevent security attacks. They should be used as part of a total security plan, rather than as a standalone security measure.


Security software is designed to enhance security for an individual computer or computer network.

There are many types of security software available. Some are designed to combat a specific threat, such as spyware for example, whilst others provide more widespread protection.

Just as important as security software is the software you use for your everyday business operations. Cyber criminals often target attacks through vulnerabilities in software. To reduce the threat of this happening always use reputable software and ensure it is updated as and when updates are released.


Hardware cyber security solutions can be simpler and more effective than software solutions. They can also offer greater protection in that they are constant rather than running only when the device is switched on.

Hardware security solutions include firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. The initial upfront costs of installing security hardware may be prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses.

The best defence approach is a mix of software and hardware security solutions coupled with regular penetration testing and an effective data backup system.

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