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Data Encryption

When data is encrypted, it cannot be accessed and exploited by unauthorised users. If you are sending sensitive information over the internet or using portable devices to store sensitive information it is essential to encrypt the data.

Our use of wireless devices makes it much easier for cyber criminals to intercept data, which makes encryption even more important.

What Is Data Encryption?

Encryption uses algorithms that convert data into complex codes. Only a person or computer with the correct key can quickly decrypt and read the information. The decryption key is another algorithm that reverses the process of the encryption algorithm.

Types Of Encryption

  1. Symmetric key encryption – a same decryption key is installed on both computers that transmit and receive the encrypted information.
  2. Public key encryption – two different keys are used simultaneously. One is a private key, which is known only by Computer A and the other is a public key, which is provided to any computer that needs to communicate with Computer A. To decrypt the information you need both the public key and the computer’s own private key.