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Email Filtering

Spam accounts for 90% of all the total emails that are sent worldwide. Spam email reduces employee productivity, threatens network security and adversely impacts day-today operation. A single email virus can cost a business an enormous amount in damages and lost productivity, whilst compromising systems and data integrity.

Email filtering provides a comprehensive spam and virus filtering protection. All incoming and archived mails are scanned for threats such as phishing, spear-phishing and zero-day attacks. Suspicious emails are blocked thereby preventing employees from downloading malware and viruses or inadvertently revealing credentials and sensitive information.

There are multiple benefits that can be derived from having email filtering in place, these include:

  1. Reduced data volumes being received which reduces the load on your server.
  2. Minimised spam and virus risks.
  3. A protective barrier between your mail server and the internet.
  4. Business continuity in the event that your server goes down or has issues receiving emails (e.g. no internet connectivity).
  5. Provides email archiving options.
  6. Improved productivity as staff have less junk email to deal with.
  7. Increased security.
  8. Improved service reliability.